In this game you are a greedy hot air balloon travelling through
mountains. You can pick there your favourite gold bars and carry them
with you - but beware! They are gold bars and therefore heavy. You can
encounter dangerous birds. Hopefully, you can kill them by throwing away
your difficulty earned gold bars. Try to survive the path with as much
gold bars as possible!

Balloon can go sideways or it can burn fuel to go up. In addition to picking gold bricks, you can also throw them away to lower the weight. Game can be played on keyboard or with gamepad. Default controls are:

  • left/right (RS) - horizontal movement
  • up (A) - burn fuel
  • x (X) - drop gold brick

On splash screen press up to start the game.

Game was created by jeysym & maoap.

You can get the source code here.


Download 16 MB

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